Why We Love Invisalign (and You Should, Too!)

  • By Courthouse Art of Dentistry
  • February 24, 2023
  • What isn’t there to love about clear braces? They are a great alternative to traditional metal braces! There are so many reasons to love Invisalign. Here is a look at some reasons and why, by the end of it, you will love Invisalign too.


    Aesthetically Pleasing

    Traditional metal braces draw attention because of their look. Many children have had to endure bullying because of these braces. Adults shy away from office parties and making speeches. They try to avoid questions from coworkers.

    But with Invisalign, people must pay close attention to realize that there is something. You also worry less about having food stuck in your braces. You can smile away and be confident.


    Gentle on Gums and Teeth

    Invisalign does not have sharp edges, unlike traditional braces. Hence, you do not have to endure bruises, pressure, and discomfort from wires and metal brackets. You get the desired results without the pain.


    Better Oral Hygiene

    You can care for your teeth and mouth better since the braces are removable. You can brush your teeth and floss as usual. The only addition is that you also need to sterilize and clean your braces. You will have less tooth decay and gum problems. You can prevent the accumulation of bacteria that leads to plaque, tartar, and cavities.



    You may avoid eating apples, carrots, sugarcane, meat, and other foods because they may stick to the wires and brackets. Invisalign is removable. Thus, you can eat these foods without distractions, worry, or pain. It ensures that you can eat a proper diet. All you need to remember is to brush and floss afterward.


    Custom Fit

    Invisalign is custom-made to fit your mouth. The dentist will adjust every few weeks to ensure that the braces continue to fix your teeth. The custom-fitting ensures that they are comfortable and efficient in aligning your teeth.


    They Are Removable

    Their removability deserves a special mention since you cannot do the same with traditional braces. Due to this, you can brush your teeth, eat fresh fruit and vegetables, or drink your favorite beverages. It makes the braces so convenient. Still, have discipline. Remember that you need to wear your braces for 20 to 22 hours.


    Fewer Potential Problems

    When you have traditional braces, anything can result in an emergency visit to the orthodontist. A wire breaking or a bracket falling off can be painful. Thus, you require immediate dental care.

    That is why you need to be careful of the food you eat. Also, note how you brush your teeth or what you place in your mouth. Invisalign does not have these problems. You have the freedom to work around them.



    You may need to wear Invisalign for six months to one year. At most, you will need to extend to 18 months. Traditional metal braces can take two years before the dentist removes them. However, the length depends on an individual and several other factors. Invisalign is effective, and you will get the results you desire.

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