Invisalign in Arlington, VA

Invisalign Overview

Would you like to have straighter teeth? Do you want to have better oral health for the rest of your life? Invisalign clear braces could be the answer to all your smile and alignment needs.

Many adults and teenagers don’t want metal braces. Having wires and brackets in your mouth for years can be very uncomfortable. So it’s natural to dread the appointments when the dentist has to tighten them—causing days or weeks of pain and discomfort.

Here’s the great news: Your Invisalign dentist office in Arlington can give you straight teeth without using any metal. At Courthouse Art of Dentistry, we can correct your bite and shape a new smile for you with Invisalign braces.

What Exactly Is the Invisalign System?

What is the Invisalign system? It is a new way to accomplish the same thing that metal braces have accomplished for years. But now you don’t have to put metal on your teeth for even a moment.

Instead, you just wear clear aligners that fit comfortably on your teeth. Each is custom-made just for you using state-of-the-art 3D printers. Throughout the day, your teeth will gradually move under their gentle pressure.

We’ll make a series of these Invisalign aligners for you—each slightly different so that it moves your teeth a little more in the right direction under your personalized plan. You’ll switch to the next set of Invisalign trays about every two weeks. Invisalign aligners can:

  • Make your upper and lower teeth meet even if they never have.

  • Space teeth out that are too crowded.

  • Close gaps between teeth.

  • Straighten rows of crooked teeth.

  • Fix an underbite, overbite, or crossbite.

You can visit our dental clinic occasionally so your Invisalign dentist can check your progress, or you can send pictures of your teeth to your orthodontist every few weeks through the Invisalign app. Plus, we can send you home with several sets of invisible braces you can swap out at home.

Patient Advantages: Invisalign vs. Braces

Our patients are excited about Invisalign clear teeth aligners. They get to reach their goals of straight teeth, a healthier bite, and/or no spaces between teeth.

A better bite and straighter smile can also help you eat more easily, along with making brushing and flossing more effective. And that better hygiene alone can help prevent cavities, gum disease, and a visit to an emergency dentist.

When comparing Invisalign vs. braces, the Invisalign system has these advantages:

  • Greater Convenience: You’ll take out your Invisalign aligners when you eat and when you brush your teeth. Just wear them when working, concentrating on other things, and sleeping.

  • Less Embarrassment: These invisible braces are hard to see unless someone is staring into your mouth. They don’t show obviously like metal brackets, and they don’t make lips pout out.

  • No Damaging Metal: Metal brackets and wires can cut a patient’s gums or lips. But there’s no metal in Invisalign aligners—only smooth clear plastic.

  • Less Discomfort: There are no tightening appointments. This means there are no sudden, jabbing pains from Invisalign clear aligners. The teeth straightening progress is caused instead by gentle pressure.

  • Faster Treatment Time: Some patients can finish their Invisalign process in just six months.

  • Simple Cleaning: When you’re ready to brush and floss your teeth, you just take your Invisalign aligners out. Embarrassing pieces of spinach or other unsightly foods can’t get stuck in them, as can happen with metal braces.

  • Higher Confidence: Get more confidence as your teeth are becoming straighter. No metal brackets will show while you’re giving a presentation or meeting people.

Our patients deeply appreciate the Invisalign process not disrupting what they want to eat, who they want to meet, the work they do, or their ability to concentrate. Invisalign clear aligners make your smile look great in a short time without disrupting your life.

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The next time you’re visiting your dental hygienist, you can chat about Invisalign costs and its steps. Or call your family dentist here at Courthouse Art of Dentistry today to set up an appointment and FREE consultation.

Check out Invisalign before and after pictures, if you want to see the results you might get. Try to avoid other teeth-straightening options that don’t require you to see a dentist. For orthodontic treatments. You’ll be more comfortable and confident with a real dental office supporting you. Contact us now for a professional and comfortable appointment.

What Can Invisalign Braces Do for Your Smile?

General dentistry can keep your smile clean and safe. Invisalign helps you to not only change the shape of your smile, but can make your mouth healthier. How does this work?

During the Invisalign process, you’ll wear dental aligner trays that gently conform to your teeth while encouraging them to move. Through ongoing pressure—but not painful pressure—each of your clear aligners will efficiently:

  • Reposition your teeth into their best positions according to our plan.

  • Change the orientation of crooked teeth.

  • Reshape a problem bite to a beautiful, functional bite.

The dentist will give you a simple schedule to switch to your next pair of Invisalign aligners—about once per week. Each aligner is a slightly different shape, calculated and planned for your future teeth movements. They’re designed to push on exactly the right spot to get the best Invisalign results quickly.

Following the Invisalign Process

The first step to healthy, gorgeous teeth is scheduling a free Invisalign consultation with our family dentist. Call Courthouse Art of Dentistry, or send us a message online.

When you visit our state-of-the-art dental clinic, your Invisalign dentist will take you through a simple but thorough process to be sure Invisalign clear aligners will be convenient and healthy for you. Then, you could reach your smile goals within 6–12 months. The Invisalign process involves:

  • Consultation and Interview: Your dentist will ask about your ideal smile and any struggles you have had with your teeth. There’s tremendous benefit in discussing Invisalign clear aligners in person instead of taking a gamble on mail-order aligners like Candid or Smile Direct Club.

  • Checkup: We’ll give you an exam to find the state of your dental, oral, and gum health. We’ll find if it’s safe to go forward with invisible braces with you.

  • X-rays: With x-ray scans, we see the deep structure of your teeth and jaw bones, protecting you from future orthodontic problems.

  • Digital Aligner Impressions: If you’re a good candidate for Invisalign aligners, we’ll take impressions of your teeth—but not in the old-fashioned way of using sticky physical impression material. We’ll scan your teeth directly into the computer.

  • Planning: Your scans are turned into a digital model, and complex software—plus your dentist—plans how your teeth will be moved through a series of aligners.

  • Aligner Fabrication: When we send your aligner designs to Invisalign’s labs, they will use their state-of-the-art 3D printers to create your personalized clear teeth aligners.

  • Initial Placement: Come back to your comfortable, local dentist office when your aligners arrive, and we’ll help you place the first set on your teeth and send more sets home with you.

  • Simple Routine: At home, work, or school, wear your Invisalign aligners for about 21–22 hours every day. They should be a simple part of your routine you don’t need to think about. You’ll only pull them out during meals and when you brush your teeth.

  • Easy Aligner Changes: Your dentist office will give you a personalized schedule to switch to the next set of Invisalign trays every two weeks or less at home.

  • Progress Checks: We will see how your teeth are coming along when you have gone through a few sets of Invisalign trays. Come visit us in person, or send us pictures through the Invisalign app.

Throughout your Invisalign process, you won’t need any special cleaning for your Invisalign trays. You’ll just pop them out and brush and floss like you normally do.

Contact Courthouse Art of Dentistry for a FREE Invisalign Consultation

Invisalign reviews are very positive. Do you want to have your own Invisalign before and after pictures to show off? Then call your Invisalign orthodontist to schedule an appointment. We’ll listen to your concerns, answer your questions—whether about Invisalign costs or others—and keep you comfortable while your Invisalign dentist discovers the best option for you. Call us today!

Why You Probably Should Not Use Mail-Order Aligners

There are 20 years of research and data on Invisalign clear braces, including information from around 6 million smiles. There are also more than 900 patents connected with Invisalign clear aligners.

Invisalign results are so good that now there are imitators that can send you clear teeth aligners through the mail. This is an attractive idea. Instead of traditional metal wires and brackets, you can put in invisible braces—and never even visit the dentist or local orthodontist. Some people also want to avoid Invisalign prices.

But can you take accurate impressions of your own teeth at home? Can you use clear aligners without any professional supervision and get the best results? Will mail-order systems get you to your goals, or would caring dental specialists at a local dental clinic do better?

At Courthouse Art of Dentistry, you can have all this—as well as the benefit of individual treatment from a doctor who knows you—with your Invisalign treatment.

Invisalign Braces vs. Mail-Order Alternatives

Are you trying to compare Smile Direct Club vs. Invisalign aligners? The first advantage that an Invisalign treatment has is local care. You can Google “Invisalign dentist near me,” pick a local dentist or Invisalign dentist, then come meet a real person at a dentist office.

Mail-order aligners keep you isolated from professional care. On the other hand, our Invisalign dentists here at Courthouse Art of Dentistry will have a consultation with you right away in which they:

  • Get to know your medical history.

  • Directly examine your dental and oral health.

  • X-ray your teeth and jaw bones with cutting-edge equipment, which ensures you will be safe during the Invisalign process.

  • See your other past dental work and plan how Invisalign aligners will interact with it.

  • Study your current bite and plan how to improve it, if needed.

  • Make sure your gums are healthy.

  • Create high-quality digital impressions of your teeth that are transmitted electronically to 3D fabrication facilities.

While your dental office does all this, we’ll also get to know you better as a person, keep you comfortable, and help you move toward your own smile goals. We see your smile, bite, and dental health as a whole system, striving to keep you safe and healthy.

Customers who get mail-order aligners, in contrast, often don’t visit a good dentist. They inexpertly take their own dental impressions with imprecise material they bite into at home. The company claims to have a dentist somewhere reviewing their case, but the patient never sees him or her personally.

The Dangers of Home Dental Impressions

General dentistry practitioners with years of experience know it’s difficult to create accurate impressions of teeth on the first try—under professional conditions at their dental practice. They might take two or three impressions to get it right. That’s because your teeth are complex, and there are no other teeth just like yours.

Impressions have to be precise to create comfortable clear teeth aligners that move your teeth the way you want. There’s just not a good chance that the average person at home will take impressions of that quality of their own teeth. Plus, they won’t even know if their own impressions are well-done or not.

If you start with poor impressions, your whole orthodontic plan is on a poor foundation to start with. You can’t be sure of getting good eventual results.

Reach Your Orthodontic Goals With an Experienced Team

Wouldn’t you rather have your family dentist at Courthouse Art of Dentistry design your Invisalign trays? We can use our experience from seeing many, many patients to get you the results you want.

Customers who write positive reviews of mail-order braces usually are the ones who had very simple problems. They happened to get good results, despite the risks of inaccurate dental impressions.

But others have Smile Direct Club horror stories, which are not as widely reported. They may have paid less for these products up front but then ended up with worse teeth. How much do you think they paid to get their teeth corrected after that?

Still need more convincing? You can learn more about the problems of mail-order aligner companies from these articles:

A trained, experienced Invisalign dentist, such as Drs. Khalil and Haddad can guide you through the Invisalign process, correct a bite problem, rotate each individual tooth the right way, move molars to new positions, and much more. You can have a whole team supporting you. Isn’t that better than trying to fix your teeth through the mail?

Straighten Your Smile at Courthouse Art of Dentistry

Don’t gamble with the safety of your teeth. Don’t let a mail-order company change the shape of your smile—the part of you that defines first impressions to others. Put your smile health on the foundation of years of experience and personal care at Courthouse Art of Dentistry.

From the first consultation until your crooked teeth are straight, your dentist will guide the process. We’ll let you set your goals. Schedule a FREE Invisalign consultation with our dentist office in Arlington.

Invisalign Clear Braces Cost

Your budget is as unique to you as your smile. You don’t have the exact same expenses as your next door neighbor, let alone the person next to you in our waiting room getting their teeth straightened. So, when you visit our dental clinic for Invisalign invisible braces, we offer many different payment options.

Why? Because we want any patient with a need to have a better, healthier bite and beautiful, straight teeth. We want you to be able to eat the foods you love and possibly even speak better and feel more confident.

Do Invisalign clear braces provide all this? Yes, and more! We trust it as an effective tool for artistic dentistry after working with many patients. At a free consultation, we’ll find out if you’re an ideal candidate and then discuss Invisalign costs and payment plans.

Payment Methods

Options and freedom are some of the best qualities in life. When you make the decision to explore clear teeth aligners, we want you to be free to choose the payment option that works for you. We even provide free consultation so that we can find out if Invisalign braces are the right choice for you without you risking a dime.

Payments can be covered through insurance, health savings, CareCredit, payment plans, cash, check, or credit. Pay upfront or throughout the Invisalign process.

Insurance Coverage

If you have dental insurance, you may want to get a copy of your plan from your HR rep at work or from your insurance company and find out if it covers orthodontics and Invisalign treatment. You could call a customer service agent at the company and ask there or log in to your online account to search your policy for the orthodontic portion.

If your insurance pays for part of the cost of braces, they may pay a similar amount of the Invisalign braces cost. How much will it pay? Every policy is different, so the best way to find this out is by calling your insurance.

You can also contact your local dentist office. We’ll tell you quickly if we can accept your type of insurance. In some cases, our dentist office in Arlington can answer questions about your coverage if you have the policy in front of you.

We could also call your insurance company on your behalf and get your coverage details from them. That’s part of being a family dentist—taking care of you!


You may have funds available in a flexible savings account (FSA) or a health savings account (HSA). Either type of account makes money available for medical expenses, which may include Invisalign clear aligners. And they often are funded by your pre-tax dollars taken from your paycheck.

An FSA may use funds from the year you’re currently in. Those dollars might even disappear at the end of the benefit period, so you may want to use them for clear braces costs, anyway.

You may have an HSA from your current or even a previous employer. An HSA takes real money and keeps it in a bank account for multiple years, so you can take that money with you when you leave an employer.

At our dental office, we’re happy to accept funds from your FSA or HSA. If you’re unsure about how to use your account, call Courthouse Art of Dentistry. We can talk you through it.

In-House Payment Plans

We are now offering no-interest payment plans for your family and cosmetic dentistry needs, general dentistry, and orthodontics, including Invisalign clear aligners. If you need help to pay for all or part of your Invisalign process, we can break it up into smaller monthly payments.

We’ll work with you to get you the Invisalign results you need. How much can you pay as a down payment? How much can you afford per month? We’ll make a plan that works both for you and for us.

Contact Courthouse Art of Dentistry for Affordable Invisalign Aligners

Along with the options above, you can also pay your Invisalign dentist with cash, a personal check, or a credit card—whether you pay your bill in full or pay gradually on a payment plan. Plus, we take CareCredit, which is a third-party option for healthcare financing.

Don’t let money troubles prevent you from enjoying a straighter, more confident smile. With all these options, you get the smile of your dreams and your own Invisalign before and after story. Contact Courthouse Art of Dentistry today for a FREE consultation.

Get Your FREE Invisalign Consultation

The Invisalign system is an innovative way to get a beautiful new smile. Instead of bonding metal brackets to your teeth and connecting them with metal wires, you can use clear aligners. They can come out when you need to eat and when you brush your teeth.

Plus, instead of needing 2–3 years to complete, an Invisalign treatment is often completed in just 6–12 months!

Do you want teeth that look beautifully straight and even? Your facial structure, jaw, and chin might even look nicer after getting your bite corrected. The first step is to come to Courthouse Art of Dentistry for a FREE consultation. You can find out if you’re an ideal candidate for Invisalign clear aligners without any cost to yourself.

What Will Happen During Your Consultation?

When you first arrive at the dental clinic, we’ll make you feel comfortable. Your Invisalign dentist will listen to your goals and needs. We use advanced technology at our local dentist office in Arlington to give you the best that science has to offer, while we’re also a family dentistry center that treats you like our valued neighbors.

We’ll get you through the necessary paperwork as quickly as possible so you can meet with the dentist. This is what will follow:

  • Digital X-Rays: Using state-of-the-art scanners, we’ll find if your jaw and teeth are ready to be moved through the Invisalign process.

  • Records Investigation: Your Invisalign orthodontist will look through your medical and dental records to find any past dental work or medical issues that need to be accounted for so you’ll get Invisalign results to be excited about.

  • Bite Movement: We’ll find what type of bite you have and how your teeth are positioned relative to each other. This will help us plan the right treatment for you.

  • Dialogue: Feel free to tell the family dentist your goals and concerns related to Invisalign. Clear up any questions you have about it now. Ask about Invisalign prices. Learn exactly what to expect next. Get comfortable with us and with Invisalign.

If we find that you’re a great candidate, we’ll get digital impressions of your teeth right here in our dental practice. These are used to create a 3D model of your teeth and bite in the computer. This helps us create a whole series of clear aligners for you to print out at Invisalign laboratories. You can even see what your new smile should look like.

You can also talk to team members in our dental office about insurance, our zero-interest payment plans, and other payment options. As your dentist nearby, we want to help you to pay for the dental services that will make your life better, improve how you eat and make you more confident.

Am I an Ideal Candidate for Invisalign Clear Aligners?

Invisalign clear aligners can work wonders, but they don’t work for all cases. That’s why you should come in for your FREE consultation. We can check if Invisalign clear braces will work for you; if clear braces are not compatible with your teeth, we can find another method to give you the results you want.

One qualification is that Invisalign patients must have all their adult teeth. Your pediatric dentist won’t recommend it for children. However, your teenagers who have all their adult teeth can quickly get straighter teeth while still in school, playing sports, eating their favorite foods, studying, and so on.

You will also need clean and healthy teeth. There’s no sense in moving your teeth if they are infected or decaying. Your gums also need to be healthy, because they are part of the foundation of keeping healthy teeth in place. We’ll check up on your oral health during your consultation.

Last, you need commitment. Can you be dedicated to wearing invisible braces for most of the day and all night? This is at least 20–22 hours every day. Your life circumstances might not allow it right now. But if you’re able, Invisalign invisible braces can quickly lead to an impressive new smile.

Schedule a FREE Invisalign Consultation at Courthouse Art of Dentistry

Does Invisalign work for you? You can only find out if it will fix your bite, crooked teeth, crowded teeth, gaps, protruding front teeth, and/or other challenges if you come in for a FREE Invisalign consultation.

We’ll find out if you’re ready for Invisalign trays. With scans and advanced technology, we can show you how great your Invisalign smile could look. Are you excited to get started? Get all your questions answered here. Call Courthouse Art of Dentistry today for a FREE appointment.