Why Early Childhood Dental Visits Are Important

Children’s Dental Health​​​​​​​
  • By Courthouse Art of Dentistry
  • February 23, 2021
  • Teaching your child how to take care of their teeth is an essential investment in their future dental health. Their teeth will be prone to decay as soon as they erupt. It goes without saying that proper oral care habits are crucial right from their very first tooth.


    Here are the reasons why you should start guiding your kid and setting positive examples now while they are young:

    Early Monitoring


    A lot of children develop plaque and cavities as early as the age of two. The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends that you should start early dental visits at least on or before your kid’s first birthday. Their baby teeth are at risk of tooth decay. Visiting your child’s pediatric dentist will help detect any dental issues early on. Besides treatment for tooth decay, your child may also need preventative measures to protect their teeth if they are at an increased risk for disease. These measures may include sealants or additional fluoride applications. Their dentist may also catch early bite problems. With regular dental visits, they can monitor your child’s oral health as they develop. With timely intervention, you can reduce orthodontic costs in the future and guarantee that your kid’s smile stays healthy.




    Like adults, children can develop a fear of dentists too. In fact, older people who struggle with going to the dentist may have had negative dental work experiences when they were just a kid. As a parent, you have to ensure that your child feels safe and comfortable in their surroundings, particularly in new places. With early visits to a qualified dentist, you can help your child get used to professional dental care. Over time, this will help improve the odds of your kid viewing their dentist, the dental clinic, and any dental work as a normal and regular part of their life. It will help if you check with an oral health professional who has formal training and extensive experience working with young children. They are expected to be better prepared to handle your child’s dental health. They also tend to be more mindful of your kid’s age, emotional state, and stage of development.


    Parental Support


    Early childhood dental visits are also an opportunity for the experts to provide you with vital information. They can train you on how to care for your child’s dental health at home properly. If you have concerns about thumb-sucking or other oral habits, your kid’s dentist will also give you sound advice for dealing with these common issues. Additionally, their expert guidance will help you set an excellent example for your kid at an early age. Let your child observe you brush and floss your teeth every day. Making wholesome food choices for your body can also go a long way. Even the way you approach your own dental visits will impact how your kid will view the experience. By dedicating time and taking pride in your oral health, you allow your child to learn the same.


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