Top Reasons why Invisalign is Better Than Braces

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  • January 1, 2020
  • If you have been recommended to undergo orthodontic treatment, you may be surprised to discover that you now have an alternative option to conventional braces. In the past, wire braces were the only way to straighten misaligned and crooked teeth and to address mild to moderate bite problems. However, orthodontic treatment methods have continued to evolve and today, there is a solution that eliminates the core disadvantages of traditional braces – Invisalign.

    Invisalign is an innovative new orthodontic treatment that uses a series of custom-designed clear plastic aligners to exert gentle pressure onto the teeth to move them into a more desirable position. Each series of aligners is designed and created using advanced mapping technology that determines the way in which your teeth need to move in order to assume a better position. Aligners must be worn for at least 22 hours every single day, and only be removed for eating and cleaning them and your teeth. The aligners must also be worn in the prescribed order for the treatment to be successful.

    So, what makes Invisalign a superior option? Here are the top reasons why Invisalign is better than braces.

    Greater discretion

    One of the key things that make Invisalign better than braces is the fact that the aligners are virtually invisible once they are in place. They are made from clear plastic and slot over the top of your teeth, adhering to their natural shape. This makes them much more discreet when compared to conventional braces.

    Enjoy the foods you love

    When you are wearing braces, you will be told that there are foods that you simply can’t have because they could damage your brace – something which can be costly and delay your treatment. This includes foods that are particularly hard, sticky, chewy or break up into lots of pieces such as popcorn since these are very difficult to remove from your brace properly. However, with Invisalign, you can just take your aligners out at mealtimes and place them in their storage pot while you eat. Then replace them once you have finished your meal and brushed your teeth. There are absolutely no compromises on your food.

    Cleaner teeth

    This leads us nicely onto our next point – Invisalign enables patients to have cleaner teeth. With braces, you have to try and negotiate brackets and wires to try and brush your teeth which can be time-consuming and difficult. However, when you wear Invisalign, you can remove the aligners and brush and floss your teeth as normal, which is much easier and will help ensure that your oral health is as perfect as possible. You also won’t experience decalcification – which is where white spots develop on the teeth in the areas surrounding the brackets.

    Low maintenance

    Although braces look fairly resilient, if they aren't cared for properly, they actually break far more frequently than you might expect. This can be expensive and mean that you have to make unscheduled visits to your dentist. You will also have to visit fairly regularly anyway so that your braces can be tightened as part of the next stage of the treatment. However, with Invisalign, there are no components that can break, and when you are ready to move onto the next stage in the treatment, you just start using the next aligner.

    Superior comfort

    Invisalign aligners are made from soft plastic whereas braces have metal and wires that can cut into your gums and cause pain. Unsurprisingly, patients report that Invisalign is a far better option in terms of comfort!

    Predictable results

    The technology that is used to create Invisalign aligners delivers predictable results. This is because it can also be used to create a mock-up of what your teeth should look like at the end of your treatment. Patients can then feel reassured about the outcome of their investment in their smiles.