Benefits of Composite Fillings

Benefits of Composite Fillings | Arlington Dentistry ​​​​​​​
  • By Courthouse Art of Dentistry
  • April 4, 2022
  • Composite fillings are a durable solution to cavities and fillings and are now one of the most common dental fittings dentists use. You can ask your dentist about them if you have damaged teeth that could use fillings.


    If you have ever had a cavity or cavities before, you are most likely familiar with fillings. Dental fillings are very common these days. But despite how popular they are, not everyone knows about the choices available.


    What Is a Composite Filling?


    A composite filling is a white, non-toxic blend of ceramic and plastic that dentists use to restore decayed, cracked, or damaged teeth. Its white color resembles that of a tooth, making the filling brilliant for teeth that are visible when smiling or talking.


    In the past, fillings were made from amalgam, a grey-colored mixture. Amalgam fillings were rather visible, standing out against the color of natural teeth. Over the years, dentists came up with varieties that included composite.


    When Are Composite Fillings Used?


    Composite fillings are used when you have:

    • Broken or cracked teeth.
    • Chipped teeth.
    • Gaps between your teeth.
    • Worn out teeth.
    • Tooth decay or cavities.
    • Old dental fillings that need replacement.


    Benefits of Composite Fillings


    Composite fillings are popular for many reasons, including that their color resembles that of natural teeth, making them ideal for restoring damaged teeth. More benefits include the following.


    They Are Secure


    Composite fillings do not involve removing too much enamel like other dental fillings. That way, your remaining teeth maintain their stability and strength. Too much drilling can make your teeth weak, sensitive, and unable to maintain their solidity.


    They Bond to Your Original Teeth Easily


    Composite fillings attach to your original teeth at a minuscule level. You can hardly see where your original tooth ends and where the composite filling starts. That adds to your teeth's strength and solidity more than if your dentist had used a different material. Such bonding secures your teeth and lowers their risk of breaking.


    They Are Unaffected by Temperature Change


    Because they consist of ceramic and plastic, composite fillings have insulating properties that protect them from rising or falling temperatures. That is different from amalgam fillings, which contract and expand when exposed to cold or heat, thus triggering tooth sensitivity.


    They Ease Tooth Sensitivity


    Your tooth may feel sensitive right after receiving the filling, but this only lasts for a few hours. Composite fillings insulate your teeth from the cold and heat of the foods and drinks you take. That way, they ease tooth sensitivity.


    Contact your dentist if you continue experiencing tooth sensitivity days or months after the procedure.


    They Are Durable


    Previously, dentists did not consider white tooth fillings sturdy enough to endure the weight of biting and chewing. But with advanced technology, the quality and function of white fillings got better, and they can now last longer. Apart from being durable, your dentist can place composite fillings in any part of your mouth without worrying that they could break.


    Repair Is Easy


    Composite fillings can be damaged when exposed to injury or excessive grinding and chewing but it is easy to repair them. Contact your dentist the moment your filling falls out or is injured. Do not wait long because you could develop tooth decay.


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